The Simple Rules of Patio Lighting

Just a couple of lights are more versatile than patio lights. Patio lights are usually very lengthy and be used anywhere. Newbies to patio lighting however might just need to revamp the lights. There are so many options with tips that can be used to craft different styles with patio strings. However, if you’re new to the world of patio lighting, or just want to revamp your current string lights, there are many options and tips to help you make the most of your patio strings.

Where Can Patio Lightings Be Used?

Obviously, the first place that comes to mind is the patio. Patio lights can be used outdoors which is a great starting point. It’s sometimes also great when you do think outside the box. A boho or a romantic atmosphere can be setup using a set of patio stringers that would light up the evening and give it some color. Always bear n mind that patio strings are meant to be suspended for it to be super effective.

Remember that patio lights possess two completely different ends as some only have a plug and can’t be plugged. It is very important that you do not forget to compare products so that you are not stuck with patio lights ideas that can’t be strung together. Also remember that the maximum run for these strands are listed in Watts. LEDs are a good way to go, especially if your space requires a long run.

What Kind of Bulbs Should be Used on a Patio Stringer?

Normally, bulbs S14 and A15 can be used and they are way small than the regular household bulbs. Just in case you can’t get those, don’t get all worked up. Basically, any bulb can be used on the stringer as long as it’s able to connect with the socket and isn’t above the maximum Wattage. Reviews have shown that a lot of people rather go for Vintage Edison Bulbs and Color bulbs to create that vibe that it always gives. Always bear in mind that incandescent bulbs are more fragile than LEDs. Take the time to think about the difficulty of changing the bulbs before making a choice. One major advantage of LED bulbs is that they last longer than other type of bulbs.

For What Duration of Time Can I Leave Patio Stringers Up?

It is of great importance that you note where and how patio stringers are set up. When strung up outside, especially for bulbs that are not made to withstand adverse climate effects, it becomes imperative that they are brought down after the party or event. They would do better indoors when it comes to these types of bulbs as they can be mounted permanently inside the house.

It is important that a factor to keep in mind is whether to purchase in-line or suspended socket patio light strings. The former (purchase in-line) is usually for short term purposes while the latter (suspended socket patio light strings) are for longer periods.